Monday, December 29, 2008

We Finished the Nursery!

I have been working diligently on getting the nursery organized over the last couple of days. It is finally finished today! Matthew helped me hang the last of the wall hangings and we put together a storage chest to keep baby blankets nice inside the closet.

I'm excited! We may have gone a tad overboard, but I think it turned out great! The only thing we are missing in the pictures is the glider we've ordered that still hasn't arrived. The glider will go in front of the window in that empty corner. Happy picture viewing!

The saying on the wall behind the crib reads: "With a butterfly kiss and a ladybug hug, sleep tight little one, like a bug in a rug.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas and Things!

Matthew and I celebrated our second "married" Christmas together and although we did not exchange gifts with each other this year, it was perfect. We spent the day at my parents house and enjoyed good company and a good meal. Dad and I schooled Matthew and mom in a game of Cranium and Scategories. Yes, I'm that competitive that I have to rub it in in a blog!

I have enjoyed my time off from work and have been able to finally put things on the wall of the nursery. I will post pictures soon. If I do say so myself, it's adorable! We are only lacking the gliding chair we ordered six weeks ago! I have also washed all of the baby clothes so they will be ready when our little ones arrive. I supposed that leaves me no choice but to focus on writing lesson plans next week. Blah!

I hit the 30 week mark on Christmas day. We only have about 6-7 weeks left at the most before Addilyn and Ella arrive. It's a little scary to think about. That's really not much time. Matthew took a picture of me, but it's blurry. He wouldn't tell me what was taking so long, and I was pretty impatient (blame the hormones) so I wouldn't pose for a clear shot. Anyhow, I'll post it at the end of this blog. I also measured the circumference of my tummy. It's now 39.5 inches around! My bellybutton is beginning to pop out a little bit.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sonogram Update!

I had another sonogram today to check the growth of the babies. Baby A (on my left) is head down. Her heart rate is 138 bpm. She weighs approximately 2 lbs. and 15 oz.

Baby B (on my right) is breech. Her heart rate is 140 bpm. She weighs approximately 2 lbs. and 13 oz. Everything looks good with both babies. They both have hair too! They technically still have room to turn, but I don't know if they still try to turn around.

I am 29 weeks and 5 days. I see my doctor again on Monday. My last visit with him went well. My body is doing great carrying this double load. The doctor signed off on my paperwork to allow me to take 12 weeks off after the girls are born.

Matthew and I attended our baby classes. They weren't so bad until the birthing class. I'm not sure I needed to know that I'll have to wear mesh undies with a kotex the size of a baby diaper. I'm sure you can imagine the horrified look on my face. Anyhow, it is still to be determined if we will have a c-section or a natural birth. And by natural birth, I don't mean drug-free!

We have arranged a pediatrician. I will register with the hospital and also with Labor and Delivery in the next week or so. We will tour the Labor and Delivery Unit when we do this. We also purchased our car seats and double stroller. They ship out the day after Christmas. Once they come in, I'll make an appointment to make sure we have the car seats installed correctly in my car.

I am posting pictures of Baby A that were taken today. Baby B was on her tummy and would not turn around. Baby A was sucking on her fingers.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

28-Weeks Update

I officially entered my third trimester today. I can't believe I'm two-thirds of the way done cooking these babies! I only have 9 weeks to go! I am happy to report that I remain contraction free! The down side of things are that I'm a bit under the weather with my sinuses. Darn snotty-nosed kids at school think they need to share their germs with me. The nerve!

I also haven't been sleeping well. I think I've developed restless leg syndrome. I've read that it does occur in pregnancies and usually goes away about a month after birth. Boo! I even kept poor Matthew up the other night. I couldn't keep my legs still. Not to mention, turning over is a stinking process! I'm so thankful we don't have a water bed! I read that it helps to put a bar of soap under the sheets. I'm going to hunt some down and try it.

Oh, and another reason for my lack of sleep is the babies. All week around 1:00 a.m. they decide to have their kickboxing class. And yes, full out kicks and jabs. It's impossible to sleep through and usually lasts about an hour. Even though I'm dead tired after their session, I am so thankful that they are active. It keeps my mind at peace knowing they are okay in my tummy.

I filled out my maternity leave paperwork today as well. I'm trying to not procrastinate trivial things like that until the last minute. The lady that helped me went over all it's unpleasantness with me as well as the FMLA paperwork. I am allowed to take 60 days off with the FMLA and my job is secure. However, I only have 27.5 days of sick and personal leave accumulated. I will get docked my daily rate of pay for the remaining 32.5 days. My doctor has to sign paperwork for my leave as well. I have a substitute in mind for my class, but I need to contact the elementary personnel director to see if they are going to allow her to take my class. This is next on my to-do list. If I didn't have the girls until February 12, I wouldn't be required to return to work until May 16. There are only two weeks remaining of the school year after that.

I have 5.5 days until a MUCH needed Christmas break arrives. I'll get two much deserved weeks off of work and away from those germ sharing kids! Whoo-hoo! I'll also get more time with Matthew, and I always look forward to that. I plan to get the nursery finished, arrange a pediatrician, and get my lesson plans worked out for the rest of the school year. That last part sounds a bit ambitious, but I'm going to try my hardest. I think it would be wise to do anyway as I have no idea what it's going to be like juggling two little monkeys when they arrive.

Matthew and I take our first classes on Saturday from 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. While I am taking a breastfeeding class, Matthew will attend Daddy Boot Camp. Afterwards we will both attend a class called The Happiest Baby. It's supposed to help you soothe and calm a fussy baby and stuff like that.

Matthew took a picture of my quickly expanding tummy this morning. It now measures about 38-inches.