Sunday, November 1, 2009

Playing Hooky...

pictures from my two days off...

My little girls are changing daily. I want to capture everything they do. I wish they'd slow down...just a little.


So, two Fridays ago Matthew comes home from work and tells me he doesn't feel well. Ugh, I think as I grab my pillows and head to the spare room to sleep on the crappy bed. This didn't sit well with Matt as he wasn't happy that I didn't want to sleep with his germy self. Oh well, it was a wise move on my part. Saturday morning Matt woke up feeling really bad and had to go to work. By Saturday afternoon he was running a fever and made to finish his shift at work. My parents were gracious enough to keep the girls Saturday night since Matthew came home with a fever. His fever remained Sunday morning and by early Sunday afternoon I was driving him to the health clinic in Canyon to see the doctor.

I got as far as the door tot he clinic with hubby only to see a sign saying I'd have to wear a mask beyond that point. I wish hubby good luck and pertly returned tot he car to browse Facebook posts and play Bejeweled 2 on my iPhone. Whoo-hoo for some source of entertainment! Around an hour later Matt returned to the car to inform me that he has Type A Influenza, or H1N1, or the Swine Flu, whatever you want to call it.

I called my parents to inform them of the bad news. They were fantastic in telling us they would keep the girls until Matthew was fever free for 24-hours. We also wanted to make sure I didn't get it. Which, by the way, I didn't! I think that's because I sprayed enough Lysol to taste it for a week in the back of my throat, and I wouldn't let Matthew sit in the same room as me.

Matt's fever was up over 101 until Tuesday afternoon when it finally broke. He spent most of that time sleeping. I've never seen him look so bad and so pale. Poor guy. I did take care of him. Made him stuff to eat and kept his meds on a schedule for him. On Wednesday I called my parents and asked them to keep the girls one more night for us so I could go home and disinfect the house. I took Thursday and Friday off work so I could bring the girls home. I knew Matt wouldn't be up to keeping them on his own. I missed them so much! I took like 100 pictures on Thursday! I am glad to say that Matthew is feeling much better! Thanks Mom and Dad for helping us out and keeping our little girls away from all those nasty germs! We are so thankful!