Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pizza, It's What's For Dinner!

Yes, that's right! Every Saturday night we eat pizza. Matthew doesn't get off work until 7:00 p.m. and that's if nothing big happens in Amarillo. For the past month, maybe two, we've had Papa Murphy's pizza every Saturday night for dinner. You go by (or call in), order what you want and take it home to bake. It's convenient for us since we never know when he's going to get off work and when the girls are going to want to eat.

Here's the sad part. A couple weeks ago I went by to pick up a pizza and pulled up to the window (which I learned is a no no unless you've called in an order) and placed an order. I explained to the nice girl working that I couldn't come in to order as I had two babies in the car and it would be too hard. She very politely took my order and I was quickly on my way. Well, the next week, I did the same thing. I pulled up to the window and the same girl was working. She immediately asked me if I had my twins with me to which I replied yes. Some guy (in high school) apparently made a comment to her to which she replied, "It's okay, we like her!" She was talking about me! Haha!

Tonight Matthew stopped by to grab a pizza and the same girl was working that waited on him the previous week (also the same girl that waited on me). She commented that he was in every Saturday. Matthew agreed that he was and then added if he wasn't, his wife was in to get a pizza. He told them we had twins and the girl immediately knew who he was talking about! Apparently we either need to find something else to eat on Saturday nights or they need to have a frequent customer card that we receive a discount on!

In addition to pizza on Saturday night we are hooked on a series called Harper's Island. It's a murder mystery television show that is quickly coming to an end. What will we do when it's over?!?! Maybe we will be ready to try something new! Anyhow, take a look at the yummy pizza we had tonight.

Friday, June 19, 2009

New Tricks...for lack of a better word!

The girls have been in bed for over an hour now, which really means I should be in bed too. The flip side of that is being home with them all day means I'm not sure when they next time is that I will get to blog. So I'm doing it now!

Tonight I got the girls ready for bed. Diapers changed, pajamas on, and bottles (with cereal) made. This is our typical nightly routine. Matthew wasn't home yet, so I was on my own. I sat down to feed them, Ella in a boppy on my lap and Addi in a boppy right next to me.

After a few ounces it was time to burp. I got up and laid Ella on the love seat and laid Addi next to me on the sofa. It's easier to get them to burp if they have some wiggle time. Here are the results of wiggle time...

You probably can't tell in the picture, but Ella was using her feet to shove herself into the cushion crack! In the meantime, Addi was shoving her ENTIRE hand in her mouth! Every day is an adventure with these girls. They make me laugh! I love being a momma!

Green Beans...No Thank You!

Last Sunday, I tried spoon feeding the girls green beans. Here is the evidence...

I don't think either of the girls were keen on the idea of me shoving mushy green beans in their mouths, but Matthew and I sure got a good laugh!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

4 Month Checkup

Addilyn and Ella went in for their four month checkup today. Addi weighs 11 pounds 14 ounces and is 23.5 inches long. Ella weighs 11 pounds 2.5 ounces and is 23 inches long. They are both in the 25th percentile for their height. I'm not sure about their weight and percentile. Addi has been taken off the apnea monitor. The doctor doesn't think there is any need for it now. She thinks Addi will do just fine.

We have been given the go ahead on mixing cereal thick enough to start spoon feeding the girls. I'm not sure how I feel about this as I know it's going to be tough with two of them! Next month we will start green veggies. From there we will move on to yellow veggies and fruit will be last. The doctor said it was fine that I was putting an ounce of juice in their formula/cereal bottles to keep them from getting constipated. Thank goodness!

Both girls got a shot in the top of each leg and one oral vaccination. They cried good and loud. Even made me cry to hear them cry. Thankfully it didn't last long. When we got home both were all smiles again and ready to eat. Hopefully the rest of the day goes smoothly and they don't get too fussy.


Last month, Ella discovered her thumb. I just happened to get a picture as she still prefers to suck on all her fingers at once!

This month, Addilyn finally figured out how to roll on her side. It's funny because both girls rolled to their left side first. Neither one of them has figured out they have a right side too!

Addi and Ella are also finally starting to discover each other. Last night I layed them on their playmat so they could look at each other. They cooed at each other for a little bit.

I left the room for a minute only to hear some commotion from the girls after a short time. I walked in to see this...

Apparently, Ella discovered Addi's mouth and Addi was not thrilled about it! I quickly broke up the sisterly love!

Addi has also started scratching her forehead. She does this when she wakes up. It doesn't matter how short her nails are either. So, we've resorted to putting her mittens back on her when she sleeps. I hope she grows out of this phase soon!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

4 Months

Addi and Ella are four months old today! It doesn't seem possible. Let me tell you a little about each of them.

Addilyn is about 11.5 pounds now. I'm not sure how long she is, but we will find out on Thursday at her well baby check. Addi is getting better about sleeping through the night. I think she finally realizes I'm going to put a pacifier in her mouth and not a bottle. She would start stirring around 3:00 a.m. since that was the time we were feeding in the middle of the night. Now, it's closer to 5:00 a.m., but we can usually hold her off until 7:00 or 8:00 a.m. before feeding. It doesn't matter what time we feed Addi though, she's not a morning baby until after she's had her bottle! And she lets you know it!

Addi is turning into a chatterbox. She sounds like shes gargling though! Poor baby hasn't figured out what to do with all that extra spit in her mouth. Addi has finally become more active. Last night she rolled on her side for the first time. She likes to kick her feet, especially during bath time! She's also batting at the toys hanging from her playmats. Addi's apnea monitor was downloaded last week and only had one recording on it since we started using it at 7 weeks old. It was for a low heart rate, but the specialist said that is normal in anyone. For the machine to go off her heart rate had to be low for 15 seconds or she had to stop breathing for 15 seconds. It hasn't gone off, well, not unless we forgot to plug it in and the battery was low. She may get to come off of it soon.

Ella has turned into a good little sleeper. We are usually waking her up in the morning. She's happy when she wakes up, and if we aren't waking her up, I hear her talking to the mobile when she wakes up. She weighs about 10.5 pounds now. Ella is getting very close to rolling from her back to her side to her tummy. She gets on her side and tries very hard to get to her tummy. She also is a chatterbox. We went shopping today and she oooh'd through two stores!

We are slowly getting the girls to bed a little earlier. They are both eating 5 ounce bottles with 8 teaspoons of rice cereal in it at night before bed. This week we started mixing oatmeal with the rice. They also get an ounce of apple or prune juice in their bottles with rice/oatmeal to keep their system regular. Sounds gross, but they love it! We also do cereal/juice in the morning. The remainder of the day is formula only.

Both girls are wearing 3 month size outfits. We are going to have to move up to 3-6 month size sleepers as they are getting too long and are beginning to not be able to stretch out in them. They both have distinct personalities, and it's amazing to see their growth each day. I will update again after their checkup with the doctor.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Saturday at the Park!

Saturday I packed up the girls, the pack-n-play, double stroller, two car seats, diaper bag, lawn chair and headed to Memorial Park for my cousin Angela's son, Grayson's, first birthday party. Matthew had to work, so I was on my own getting everyone ready and getting there. Sheesh! It was a lot of work! The girls looked so cute in their hats and sunglasses.

The temperature reached 96 degrees and the wind was terrible. Addi didn't seem to mind the wind or the people that came by to see her. She also didn't mind being held by people she rarely sees. Ella on the other hand cried and cried until she exhausted herself and fell asleep. I felt so bad. Addi eventually fell asleep too.

Thankfully, Ella woke up in a better mood, but still didn't want anyone other than her momma, grandma, or papa holding her.

Despite the effort it took to get there, it was a nice day and a nice party. It's hard to believe that Grayson is a year old now. Happy birthday little guy!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

West Texas Weather

I attempted a quick trip into Target this evening to be greeted by a fast approaching storm as I left. I had the girls with me. I'm sure I looked ridiculous running to the car pushing my Cadillac of a double stroller. Graceful I was not! Thankfully, it was only lightly sprinkling and I was able to get the girls tucked away in the car before the rain really hit.

As soon as we were all snug in my blazer, the tornado sirens went off. For those of you that don't know, it takes me about 25 minutes to drive home from Target. Needless to say I was heading straight into the heart of the storm.

I was about halfway down 2219 when that little voice inside you starts tugging at your ear telling you to turn around. Since it wasn't raining too hard, I forged ahead and made it home just in time. I got the car parked in the garage, shut the door behind me, and ran like crazy through the kitchen to the back door to get the dogs in the whole time praying they had sense enough to lay on the back porch and not run through the rain like nut jobs. My prayers were answered! Clean, mostly dry dogs! I put them in their kennels and then I was running back out to the car to get the girls in.

We lost satellite and Internet connection for a brief time so I wasn't able to follow the storm. I kept looking outside preparing myself that I might have to toss the diaper bag in a closet and climb in with the girls. We survived unscathed. Matthew called later to tell me that the National Weather Service confirmed a tornado touchdown at 2219 and City Lake Road. City Lake is the road you turn on to get to my house. That intersection is only about a mile to a mile and a half away from my house. It was sighted the same time I was driving home. How scary is that?

After the storm, I stepped out on the front porch and was able to get some good pictures of the rainbows that appeared as the storm headed south and the sun came back out.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Promise... update our blog soon. Not that I think anyone reads it, but in case I have a faithful follower, I haven't forgotten about my blog. School ended on Friday, but I was in my classroom painting on Tuesday and tomorrow I'm running the first six weeks of lessons for next school year. I try to stay ahead to make life a little easier. So, I've neglected my blog. Pictures and news coming soon. Stay tuned!
On a side note, if you're a faithful reader and follow my updates, become a follower! And, thank you for reading!