Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Holy Crap!

Ah, yes, those are the exact words I muttered under my breath when the doctor informed Matthew and I that we are having TWINS! I'm still in shock...and not just about having twins, but finally getting to see our babies. It was such an amazing experience.

The babies are right on schedule. Baby A (right side) is measuring 10 weeks, 5 days and 3.79 cm. Baby A was sleeping during our sonogram. Baby B (left side) is measuring 10 weeks, 6 days and 3.84 cm. Baby B waved at us and kicked! Both hearts are beating and both babies look healthy.

My next appointment is in four weeks. Carrying twins puts me at a higher risk, so I will see the doctor every three weeks after my appointment next month. I will also have an ultrasound every visit. My due date remains March 5, but it's more than likely that I will not carry to date and we will have the babies sometime in February. The doctor has already told me to watch my physical activity. Instead of walking a mile, I'm only supposed to walk half of a mile.

I feel pretty well. My morning sickness is beginning to subside and I feel like I have a little more energy during the day. This is a good thing considering that I return to work tomorrow. Matthew has been working out daily in preparation for our little ones. We are both so excited that words cannot even begin to describe how we feel.

Baby A

Baby B